Enjoy Gentle, Comfortable Root Canals in Bicknell

If you’re going to be known for something, it may as well be something beneficial. At Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates, we’re known for “one-visit root canals.” Not only are they quick and convenient, but our Bicknell root canals aren’t any more uncomfortable than getting a tooth filled. Here are some other key benefits of having your root canal therapy done by Dr. Williams:

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  • Your choice of sedation – either inhaled sedation with laughing gas or oral conscious sedation in pill form
  • Several patient amenities, including pillows, blankets, TVs, private care rooms, and extended appointments
  • Convenient early morning and late afternoon hours to make your dental care accessible

Don’t suffer with a hurting tooth or put your smile further at risk. Call us now to get a smile-saving, same-day emergency appointment: (812) 220-0636. Our address is 511 W. 11th St., next to Super Wash car wash.

Feel Better After Your Root Canal

When you come in for your visit, we’ll take a few X-rays and Dr. Williams will examine your teeth. We may also use an intraoral camera that will allow you to see exactly what he sees!

If a root canal procedure is needed, Dr. Williams will make a small hole in the top of your tooth, through which he can clean out the infected pulp (soft inner portion of your tooth) that is causing your pain. After he removes the pulp, he’ll apply a disinfecting medication to kill any remaining bacteria.

Dr. Williams will use his decades of root canal experience to carefully repair and shape the interior of the tooth. Next, he’ll seal the root canals with a special, rubber-like material that will help prevent reinfection and further problems. Finally, he’ll repair the hole on top of the tooth with a composite resin material.

Finish Your Root Canal Therapy With a Same-Day Crown

Our office features an in-house crown milling system using CAD/CAM technology. Our CEREC system can make your new crown to exact specifications – while you wait! You won’t have to return days or weeks later to have your crown placed after a faraway lab sends it to us.

Your new custom crown will protect your repaired tooth and restore virtually all your chewing power. Plus, it will last for many years without needing any special care or attention.

Root canals in Bicknell don’t have to hurt, especially when performed by Dr. Williams. Call us today at (812) 220-0636 to schedule your consultation. We’re here to help!

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