End Pain With Tooth Removal in Bicknell

We’re often able to save even a badly damaged tooth with our restorative dentistry. Yet sometimes a tooth must be extracted in the interest of your overall oral health. You may even need to have teeth removed to make way for dentures or other restorations. Tooth removal in Bicknell, IN is no big deal, thanks in large part to our experienced dentist.

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We’ll make sure your procedure goes smoothly with:

  • 3-D imaging and other advanced technology for planning your procedure
  • A choice of dental sedation
  • Same-day care for emergency extractions
  • Amenities like pillows and blankets to keep you comfortable while we work

If you have a troublesome tooth, call (812) 220-0636 for an appointment.

We Use a Gentle Touch, No Matter Why You Need an Extraction

We can handle all kinds of tooth extractions, even complex ones like impacted wisdom teeth. Some reasons that wisdom teeth, or other teeth, may need to be removed include:

  • Crowding other teeth
  • Creating a misaligned bite
  • Painful impaction (not fully erupted through gums)
  • Severe infection or decay
  • Damage beyond repair

We’ll consider all the possible treatment options before determining an extraction is necessary. No matter why you may need an extraction, we’ll use effective local anesthesia to numb your mouth and offer you dental sedation if you need it.

When You’re Ready to Replace Teeth, You Have Lots of Options

It’s important to replace missing teeth so your remaining teeth don’t move out of their proper positions. It also makes you less likely to suffer from problems like decay. Your teeth replacement options at Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates include:

  • Dental Implants – Versatile implants can support a dental crown, a bridge, or dentures.
  • Dental Bridge – A bridge can replace one tooth or multiple teeth in a row. Unlike dentures, you won’t have to remove a bridge for cleaning.
  • Dentures – Full dentures are the usual choice for replacing a mouth full of missing teeth. You can also get partial dentures to replace several adjacent teeth.

For tooth removal in Bicknell, IN, call (812) 220-0636.

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