Regain Your Smile With Dental Implants in Bicknell

You’ve probably noticed how much older people can look when they lose teeth. That’s because the bone in your jaw begins to dissolve without natural stimulation from teeth roots. Over time, this creates a “sunken-in” look that can make you look years older than you actually are. Let us help you turn back the clock on your smile with dental implants in Bicknell, IN. Implants stimulate your jaw so it stays strong.

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In addition to a healthy jaw, implants give you:

  • A Strong Bite – Because implants are embedded in your jaw, they won’t come loose during meals, no matter what you’re eating.
  • An Easy Oral Hygiene Routine – Depending on the kind of dental restoration you choose for your implants, you’ll keep your teeth clean with simple brushing and flossing.
  • A Confident Smile – You’ll feel more confident knowing that your replacement teeth won’t slip or come loose, causing you embarrassment.

During a free dental implants consultation, experienced implant dentist Dr. Stephen Williams can determine if you’re a candidate for implants. To schedule one, call (812) 220-0636.

Replace Any Number of Teeth With a Dental Implants Procedure

Using implants, you can replace any number of teeth, even all of them. You can get:

  • A Dental Implant With a Crown – We’ll attach a dental crown to an implant to replace a single tooth.
  • Dental Implants With a Bridge – Attaching a dental bridge to implants eliminates the need to modify two or more healthy teeth.
  • Dental Implants With Dentures – You can choose dentures that can be removed from implants for cleaning or replacement teeth that only a dentist can remove. Since your bone won’t shrink like they do with conventional replacement teeth, your dentures won’t need adjustments to improve fit.
  • Mini Dental Implants – These implants are smaller in diameter than full-size implants. They are less invasive and can sometimes make it possible to receive implants and replacement teeth in a single appointment.

Get Your Entire Procedure From Our Experienced Implant Dentist

Some dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon for dental implant placement. Thanks to his extensive training, Dr. Williams both places and restores implants. This saves you time, hassle, and money. Since he performs all kinds of dental implant procedures, he can advise you on which one will work best for your smile.

Interested in dental implants in Bicknell, IN? Call (812) 220-0636 to schedule your free implants consultation.

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