Brighten Your Life With Bicknell Teeth Whitening

The actors you see in movies and on TV didn’t get their radiant smiles just by using the right toothpaste. Many of them take advantage of cosmetic dentistry to give their smiles that Hollywood appearance. You can do the same! Bicknell teeth whitening from Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates will:

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  • Give you a dramatic smile transformation quickly and safely
  • Boost your confidence so you’re comfortable speaking up in public
  • Help you gain an advantage when applying for a job or promotion
  • Give you an overall younger, more attractive appearance

Call our team today at (812) 220-0636 and get started with your whitening treatment. We’re convenient for patients in all these ZIP codes: 47441, 47443, 47501, 47512, 47561, 47562, 47567, 47591, and 62439.

Enjoy Two Great Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Dr. Williams doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to dental care. That’s why we offer our patients two different types of whitening treatment – both backed by our friendly, expert team.

For the fastest, most dramatic results, we recommend in-office whitening treatment. With just a few minutes out of your day, you can look in the mirror and see teeth that are several shades whiter. If you have a wedding, reunion, or other special event coming up, this treatment is your quick answer to a brighter smile.

However, if time is not an issue and you would rather whiten your teeth on your own schedule, choose at-home whitening. We offer the Philips NiteWhite system that delivers quicker and safer results than any store-bought whitening can give you. Just wear the custom trays while sleeping (or even while lounging in your PJs watching TV). In about two weeks, you’ll have your beautiful new smile – on your own terms.

Bicknell teeth whitening from Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates can give you a smile that’s worthy of the red carpet. Call us today at (812) 220-0636 to schedule an appointment and get started on your new look!

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