Save Time This Summer With A Same-Day Dental Crown [BLOG]

It’s frustrating, inconvenient, and oftentimes painful, to have a damaged or infected tooth.

You might try to chew your food more carefully to avoid putting pressure on it, or you might try to manage your dental pain with over-the-counter medication.

You know these aren’t long-term solutions, but you have too much going on this summer to stop everything and worry about multiple dental appointments to get it fixed.

But those were the old days of restorative dentistry !

You have better, more efficient options at Stephen K. Williams, DDS & Associates thanks to our advanced CEREC same-day dental crowns !

Spend Less Time At The Dentist With Same-Day Crowns!

Here are just a few of the benefits of CEREC same-day dental crowns that will help you get the restorative care you need quickly and back to enjoying your summer after just one visit!

Same-Day Means Just That!

Getting a new dental crown from your Bicknell dentist happens in just one appointment.

The entire process unfolds right here in our office, from the design to fabrication to final fitting! At the start of your appointment, you might come in with a cracked, broken, decayed, or infected tooth, and you leave with a permanent solution that same day.

You can resume your life right away, eating the foods you love and feeling great about your smile.

It’s A Permanent Solution Without The Wait!

Until recently, and even still in most dental practices, you would have to spend hours at the dentist office spread out over multiple appointments when you needed a new dental crown.

It would involve taking a messy dental impression of your tooth and giving you a temporary restoration to hold you over for a couple of weeks until your permanent crown was created in an off-site lab and sent back to the dentist for fitting.

You don’t have to deal with any of that in our Bicknell practice!

You walk in with a damaged or missing tooth and walk out with a healthy mouth, stronger tooth, and a complete smile, all without having to spend two weeks or more wearing an uncomfortable temporary restoration.

CEREC Technology Means A Better Look & Fit!

As you sit in the chair, our CEREC software allows us to digitally design your new dental crown based off 3-D images of your tooth. Then it’s on to our milling machine, which takes a small ceramic cube and sculpts it into your customized crown in minutes!

Then we place your permanent restoration and make any necessary adjustments so you walk out with a brand new crown that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth!

This technology not only makes your experience faster and more convenient, but it creates a better, more precise fit than could be achieved with goopy, messy dental impressions of the past.

Get A New Crown In One Visit!

You should be able to eat comfortably and smile proudly this summer, and our restorative dentistry solutions can help you do that faster than ever before!

Spend less time in the chair and more time enjoying your life with our same-day dental crowns in Bicknell, IN.

Call Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates today at (812) 220-0636 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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