Arm Yourself With The Facts About Oral Cancer [BLOG]

Since it’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month, your friends at Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates didn’t want to let April come to an end without calling attention to this disease and how we can help you protect your oral and overall health! Today, we want to honor our commitment to your dental health by talking about the signs of oral cancer, who’s most at risk, and how we can help you ...

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3 Life-Changing Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Appearance matters, and as unfortunate as that truth is sometimes, it doesn’t diminish its power in our lives. When you’re insecure about the way your smile looks, for example, you may not feel comfortable enough to pursue the kind of life you want and deserve. But you can change that with cosmetic dentistry in Bicknell, IN! Check out our infographic that lists just three of the many ...

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Protecting Teeth In Bicknell, IN With Custom Mouthguards [VIDEO]

Sometimes, dental damage and worn teeth can’t be prevented. Accidents happen, after all! But you can keep your risk for oral injuries and dental problems low when you protect your smile with a custom mouthguard from your Bicknell, IN dentist! Here’s Dr. Williams explaining the importance of a quality mouthguard crafted by a professional. Give your smile the protection it ...

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2 Good Reasons To Get A Custom Mouthguard This Spring! [BLOG]

Thank goodness for spring! As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, we can finally leave the confines of the indoors and enjoy a brighter, more active lifestyle for the next several months. What a welcome change this season can be after a long, dreary winter! But along with all that extra activity comes certain risks to your dental health. That’s why our team at Stephen ...

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Am I Ready To Try Cosmetic Dentistry? [QUIZ]

Are you insecure about your smile? Our team at Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates understands that even the most insignificant problems with the appearance of your teeth or gums others won’t notice can be quite a big deal to you. That’s why we want to encourage you to get cosmetic dentistry in Bicknell, IN! Take our quiz to see if you’re finally ready to have the smile ...

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Patients Love Our Friendly Dental Staff In Bicknell, IN! [VIDEO]

Tracy has been coming to Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates for about 20 years. We’re proud to have earned her family’s trust, but we’re even happier to know that she’s felt like part of our family from the very beginning! Hear Tracy talk about how our friendly dental staff made her and her kids feel welcome and relaxed from their first visit to our Bicknell, IN dentist ...

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Restore Your Smile In Bicknell, IN! [PHOTO]

Dental problems like discolored, worn, or damaged teeth give you an unsightly smile, but more importantly, put your oral health at risk. That’s why you should restore your smile in Bicknell, IN! Check out this remarkable before and after image from the smile gallery of Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates to see the kind of high-quality restorative dentistry our patients trust! How ...

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Metal Fillings vs Composite Fillings[VIDEO]

If you have metal fillings, you know they know they darken over time, creating noticeable spots in your smile. Composite fillings, in contrast, are practically invisible. That’s one reason we use only tooth-colored composite for our fillings. We also don’t have to remove as much healthy tooth structure to place composite fillings. In fact, thanks to our VersaWave laser, we can place most ...

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Should I Get Six Month Smiles? [QUIZ]

Waiting for results is one of the hardest parts of orthodontic treatment. But Six Month Smiles can dramatically shorten your treatment, so you spend less time waiting and more time showing off your straight smile. The average treatment time for adults is just six months, though some smiles require even less time. A treatment that is months shorter than traditional braces is a great benefit, ...

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Stay Informed By Reading Our Blog In Bicknell, IN! [BLOG]

As part of our commitment to give you and your family the best possible service, we’ve redesigned our website. We hope you’ll find it easier than ever before to find the information you need. To help keep you up-to-date on what is happening in our office – as well as the broader world of dentistry – we’ve also added a Bicknell, IN blog. We hope you’ll check it regularly. If you ...

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