Let’s Help You Break Free From Dental Anxiety! [VIDEO]

When you arrive for your dental appointment, we don’t want you to feel like you’re visiting a dentist. We want you to feel like you’re visiting family. That level of comfort is one of the most powerful forces to break the cycle of dental fear that keeps far too many people in poor oral health. Here’s Dr. Bicknell with a video message about the ways we can help reduce your dental ...

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Find Lasting Solutions For Loose Dentures! [VIDEO]

While conventional dentures work for some people, many others find them unreliable and uncomfortable. Carl is one of our loyal patients who knows all too well the limitations that loose, floppy dentures can place on your life. He had all kinds of trouble keeping his teeth in place, until he came to Bicknell dentist, Dr. Williams for a more lasting solution. Hear about Carl’s experience ...

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Restorative Dentistry Keeps Smiles Healthy [VIDEO]

A car accident led to years of extensive dental work for Bryce, so it’s been a struggle for him over the years to keep his oral health on track. When his old restorations began to deteriorate, he sought more lasting restorative dentistry solutions from Dr. Williams and our team. Check out today’s video to hear more about how we were able to repair Bryce’s smile and help him reclaim ...

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Get Your Life Back With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction [VIDEO]

Michele suffered from all sorts of dental problems for most of her life, all because of the lasting impact a childhood accident had on her teeth. From poor oral health to chronic headaches to insecurity about her smile, she’d spent years struggling with complications related to this past trauma. But everything turned around with a full-mouth construction in Bicknell, IN with Dr. Williams ...

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Fill Smile Gaps With Natural-Looking Dental Restorations [PHOTO]

“Dr. Williams and his staff changed my whole appearance and gave me the confidence to smile again.” This comes from the patient you see in today’s before-and-after images from our Bicknell, IN smile gallery. We can fill the gaps in patients’ smiles with durable, natural-looking dental restorations so they can enjoy eating and smiling again with better health and confidence! Are you ...

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Replace Missing Teeth In A Variety Of Ways! [VIDEO]

When you lose one or more teeth, replacing them isn’t just about filling those empty spaces. Hear why in today’s video message from Dr. Williams! He also highlights some of your wide-ranging options for replacing missing teeth with dental implants for a more stable bite and healthier mouth! Find the best tooth replacement solution for you. Call Stephen K. Williams DDS & ...

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Orthodontics That Deliver For Your Smile [VIDEO]

Brandy needed a solution for her crooked teeth and problems with her bite alignment. When her dentist was too booked up, she turned to Dr. Williams in Bicknell, IN for braces, and as you’ll hear in today’s video, we provided orthodontics that delivered for her smile! Listen to Brandy talk about her experience with orthodontic treatment and why she’s happy with her results! Call ...

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Dental Crowns Should Blend In With Your Smile! [VIDEO]

When one of her teeth was decayed beyond saving, Tracy came to Dr. Williams for a new dental crown. What’s remarkable about that is the tooth was right up front, which would probably make most patients a bit anxious about whether a restoration would stand out or not. But Tracy has no complaints! Hear her talk about her experience with our quality restorative dentistry and what it’s done ...

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Our Athletic Mouthguards Beat The Competition! [VIDEO]

Spring training began weeks ago for many athletes, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get the right protection for your smile while playing your favorite sport. And by ‘right’ protection, we don’t mean a mass-produced guard you find in sporting goods stores! We mean a custom-made athletic mouthguard from your Bicknell, IN dentist! Listen to Dr. Williams explain in today’s ...

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Explore Our Cosmetic & Restorative Dental Solutions! [PHOTO]

This spring, visit your Bicknell, IN dentist, Dr. Williams, to find out which of our cosmetic and restorative dental solutions will give you a stronger, healthier, more attractive smile. Let this transformation from our smile gallery inspire you to get the dental treatment you need for better oral health and function and a bright smile you can feel proud of! To explore your options, call ...

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