Halloween & Your Family’s Dental Health [BLOG]

Trick-or-treating and fall parties are so much fun this time of year, but as you might expect, your friends at Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates want to make sure all that Halloween candy doesn’t hurt your family’s smiles!

How To Protect Your Family’s Smiles At Halloween

To keep your family’s teeth and gums strong and healthy, despite the extra sugar everyone might be eating this time of year, here are some helpful suggestions from your Bicknell dentist:

*Plan Ahead To Avoid Dental Injuries*

Trick-or-treating can be risky for your teeth, and it’s not just because of the candy.

It has to do with trips and falls and other mishaps that can result in an injured tooth. To keep your family’s risk for a dental emergency low, you can plan ahead for a fun, safe night.

Make sure your child’s costume isn’t too long or too big so they can walk and move easily. Any masks, helmets, or hoods are okay, as long as they don’t impede their vision. You should also bring a flashlight so everyone can see curbs and porch steps.

If one of the kids suffers a dental injury despite your best efforts, you can always count on us for emergency dental care when you need it!

*Choose Candy Wisely*

People tend to think that the amount of sugar you eat has a greater impact on your teeth than anything else.

But the truth is, sugar can do more damage the longer it’s in your mouth. So sucking on a piece of hard candy for an hour is actually worse than eating three bite size pieces of milk chocolate in one quick sitting.

It gives harmful bacteria inside your mouth more time to feed off the sugary particles and residue, and that begins the tooth decay process. Sweets that are chewy and gooey, like caramel or taffy, have a similar effect because they literally stick to your teeth and expose your teeth to sugar longer.

*Keep Candy Out Of Sight*

Leaving the candy out in the open is only going to make it harder for your family to resist temptation. Putting it away in a cabinet, preferably one that’s out of reach of the kids, will give you more control over your family’s sugar intake and minimize risk for decay and cavities.

It’s a good idea to get it out after dinner, and let the kids take a piece or two of candy only after they’ve eaten a healthy, balanced meal.

*Get Preventive Treatments At The Dentist*

About every six months, you should bring your family to Dr. Williams for a cleaning and exam. We will remove plaque, examine everyone’s teeth and gums, and can even provide nutritional counseling, fluoride varnishes, and dental sealants to help improve oral health and prevent tooth decay and cavities!

Visit Us After Halloween!

Visit your Bicknell family dentist after Halloween to make sure everyone’s teeth and gums are strong, healthy, and cavity-free. We can provide preventive dentistry services, like sealants and fluoride, to protect your family’s smiles through the upcoming holiday season!

Call Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates today at (812) 220-0636 or fill out our online form to schedule your family’s next dental appointment.

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