Get The Best Dentures That You Can

It’s time to do something about your missing teeth.

Thankfully, your teeth replacement options are better than they have ever been. With the right restorations, your smile can look natural and complete. You also can continue eating the food you love, and you can feel confident that your new teeth won’t slip and slide when you speak.

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More Like Real Teeth

Replacement teeth should be as close to the real thing as possible. As we noted in the opening, that means more than just giving you back your smile. It means restoring the full function of your missing teeth as well.

Modern dentures are made of better materials than your grandparents’ dentures. They are more durable, too.

But the key to making them feel like natural teeth is another innovation in restorative care. Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots. With implants, your dentures are connected to your jawbone. That keeps them stable and secure. It also allows you to generate more force when you bite and chew.

If you want the best teeth replacements possible, you should talk to us about getting implants, too.

Experience The Benefits

Traditional dentures generally feel pretty good and fit pretty well when you first get them. Quality dentures molded to fit your mouth.

The problem is that dentures by themselves don’t stop a common problem that occurs when people lose teeth. Since the dentures rest outside your gums, they don’t provide beneficial stimulation to your jawbone. Over time, your jaw loses bone density. This affects the shape of your mouth, which then diminishes how well your dentures fit.

You can use a denture adhesive, and it can provide a temporary benefit. But it won’t stop the bone loss from getting worse. Eventually, dentures need to be relined or replaced when they won’t stay in place or become uncomfortable to wear.

By getting implants, you are not just replacing the roots of your lost teeth. You are recreating the stimulation that your roots once provided. When you bite and chew, your implants press into your jaw. Your jaw reacts to this pressure by making new bone tissue. That is important because it replaces old tissue that is resorbed by your body.

The new tissue keeps your jaw from declining. That means your jaw remains healthy, and so, your jawbone can continue to support your implants. In other words, this is a mutually beneficial relationship.

With implant-supported dentures, your replacement teeth are as close to healthy natural teeth as you can get. In fact, studies have found that people with implants can bite with practically as much force as people who have a full set of healthy teeth. People with dentures only regain about 20 to 25 percent of their biting power.

Feel Like Yourself

We want you to enjoy the healthiest mouth and highest quality of life that you can. That includes eating what you like, speaking without worrying about losing your teeth, and smiling with confidence.

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