Eat Your Holiday Meals Without Dental Pain! [BLOG]

Are you as excited about Thanksgiving dinner as we are?

Juicy turkey legs, roasted potatoes and vegetables, creamy casseroles, buttery rolls…

Sorry – what we were talking about, again?

Oh, right… Thanksgiving dinner!

While it’s nice to visit with family and friends, especially those you don’t get to see very often, everyone looks forward to the foods we all enjoy this time of year.

Your friends at Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates want to make sure your teeth are up to the challenge!

Visit us if you’re having a hard time chewing your food without pain, discomfort, or difficulty so we can restore your smile!

Enjoy Holiday Meals Without Dental Pain!

Here are two questions that will help you figure out why you’re having trouble eating comfortably and the ways we can fix the problem with restorative dentistry in Bicknell, IN:

Do You Have A Hard Time Chewing?

If you’re having a hard time chewing your food easily, are limited to using only one side of your mouth, or have pain or sensitivity when you eat, let’s face it, your holidays just aren’t going to be that much fun!

Pain or difficulty when chewing your food could be due to any number of problems, like:

  • An abscessed tooth
  • A decayed tooth
  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • A weakened or diseased tooth

We can relieve your dental pain and restore your teeth in all sorts of ways! You might need a tooth-colored filling to treat tooth decay, or an inlay or onlay if the cavity is too large for a regular filling. If infection is the problem, we can eradicate it with a root canal and then preserve your tooth with a same-day dental crown. These solutions will blend in perfectly with your surrounding teeth and allow you to eat comfortably again.

If your pain or loss of oral function is caused by dental damage, we can reinforce your tooth with a CEREC dental crown that we design, create, and place in a single visit! It’s a fast, natural-looking solution to save traumatized teeth and give you back the full, comfortable function of your mouth.

Do You Have Loose Or Missing Teeth?

We can create a dental bridge to replace missing teeth. This is a series of three dental crowns bonded together, with the two side crowns being hollowed out to fit over teeth, and a solid center crown to fill the empty space in between them.

Although it would be a longer process, you may benefit more from dental implants.  We can attach implants to crowns and bridges, according to your needs, for a more natural, powerful bite and better long-term oral health.

If your tooth can’t be saved, or if you already have missing teeth, we can help you choose the best way to replace it so you can enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods, including your holiday favorites this time of year!

Let Us Help!

If you’re like many people, your holiday buffet table will be filled with delectable dishes like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, turkey, stuffing, and roasted vegetables.

Don’t miss out on the chance to eat all your favorite foods you only get to enjoy a few times a year!

Eat comfortably this season with restorative dentistry in Bicknell, IN!

Call Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates today at (812) 220-0636 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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