5 Reasons To Start Six Month Smiles Now!

Teenagers are under so much pressure to fit in, it’s no wonder why many of them resist orthodontic treatment, even if they’re embarrassed about having crooked teeth.

But when we tell them about Six Month Smiles in Bicknell, IN, our young patients suddenly can’t wait to get started.

Here are five reasons why this is such a great time to begin Six Month Smiles this time of year:

  1. The standard length of treatment is about six months, so it’s possible to give your teen the smile of their dreams before the school year ends.
  2. The brackets and wires are matched to the natural color of their teeth, so they don’t have to draw attention to their braces or feel self-conscious at school.
  3. Six Month Smiles focuses on just the teeth that are visible when you smile, so your teen will be more comfortable wearing braces on only the front teeth rather than all of them.
  4. Since the braces aren’t covering every tooth, your teen can brush and floss more easily and effectively.
  5. Parents love that Six Month Smiles is a more affordable treatment option than conventional braces.

Start now so your child will finally have a straight, confident smile before the school year is over!

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