Our Athletic Mouthguards Beat The Competition! [VIDEO]

Spring training began weeks ago for many athletes, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get the right protection for your smile while playing your favorite sport. And by ‘right’ protection, we don’t mean a mass-produced guard you find in sporting goods stores! We mean a custom-made athletic mouthguard from your Bicknell, IN dentist! Listen to Dr. Williams explain in today’s ...

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Explore Our Cosmetic & Restorative Dental Solutions! [PHOTO]

This spring, visit your Bicknell, IN dentist, Dr. Williams, to find out which of our cosmetic and restorative dental solutions will give you a stronger, healthier, more attractive smile. Let this transformation from our smile gallery inspire you to get the dental treatment you need for better oral health and function and a bright smile you can feel proud of! To explore your options, call ...

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Know Where To Take Your Spring Dental Emergencies! [VIDEO]

Spring is a pretty active season, which means we see a lot of dental emergencies in Bicknell, IN. When you and your family are spending more time outdoors, and with conditioning for spring sports well underway, we always want to be prepared to handle your unexpected dental problems! Listen to Dr. Williams explain our approach to emergency dental care and remember that you always have a place ...

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Start Your Full-Mouth Reconstruction Now! [BLOG]

When your dental problems are so numerous and overwhelming, you think there’s no hope for ever feeling good about your smile, it could be time to visit Stephen K. Williams, DDS & Associates for a full-mouth reconstruction. From tooth fillings to dental crowns and bridges to total teeth replacement with dental implants, we have the solution to the problems you face with your teeth and ...

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Do I Need Laser Gum Treatment? [QUIZ]

In our last blog, we talked about preventing gum disease with good oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings and exams. But what happens if your gums are already infected? Take our quiz to find out if you’re showing signs of gum disease that need immediate attention. Your Bicknell dentist can perform advanced laser gum therapy to remove infection and get you back on the road to better ...

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How We Can Help You Fight Gum Disease! [VIDEO]

Studies tell us that about 70% of the population has some form of gum disease, and if that weren’t shocking enough, the fact is that many of those afflicted by it may not even know it. But your Bicknell dentist understands how to control it so that you don’t become part of that statistic! Fighting gum disease starts with preventing the buildup of plaque in your mouth. Here’s Dr. ...

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Some Secret Benefits Of Whitening Your Teeth! [BLOG]

The most requested cosmetic dental treatment across the country is teeth whitening treatment. Why? Because everyone knows what a difference white teeth can make for your smile overall. Today, your friends at Stephen K. Williams, DDS & Associates are talking about why you should brighten your smile in Bicknell, IN! The Little-Known Benefits Of Bright, White Teeth Here are two ways a ...

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Would You Benefit From Restorative Dentistry? [QUIZ]

In our last blog, we talked about the value of restorative dentistry, especially at a time like this when we’re all trying to set goals for a better, healthier life in 2020. So today, we want to share this quiz with you so that you can find out if you might benefit from restorative dental treatment in Bicknell, IN! We’re happy to help get your smile back on track before the first month ...

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Revive Your Smile This Year With Restorative Dentistry! [PHOTO]

A new year is upon us, and that makes it the perfect time to set some goals for better oral and overall health! If you need a little inspiration, check out this smile transformation to see what can happen in the capable hands of our skilled team in Bicknell, IN! With our quality restorative dentistry, you can revive your smile and live a healthier, more confident life this year. Call ...

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We Rebuild Smiles With Quality Restorative Dentistry [VIDEO]

After a terrible car accident as a teenager damaged several of his teeth, Bryce spent most of his life suffering the ongoing dental health consequences. When dental crowns, bridges, and other restorative work he’d had in the past started to wear, he made a life-changing decision to visit Bicknell dentist, Dr. Williams. As you’ll hear in today’s video, it ended up being a decision that ...

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