Is Gum Disease Putting Your Teeth At Risk? [QUIZ]

Before we say goodbye to Dental Implant Month, your Bicknell dentist wants you to know about one of the best ways to prevent tooth loss. It’s by preventing gum disease, which is the number one cause! Take today’s quiz to see if your healthy teeth are at risk, and be sure to visit us right away for treatment if it is! Protect your oral and overall health. Call Stephen K. Williams DDS ...

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The Risky Business Of Bad Dental Habits [BLOG]

It’s that time of year again! Kids are loading up their backpacks and lunchboxes and heading back to school. So your friends at Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates want to remind you to protect your family’s smiles by visiting us for routine dental cleanings and exams! We’re also here to support your daily efforts to make sure the ones you love most know how to prevent dental ...

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Hear About Convenient Same-Day Dental Crowns [VIDEO]

Do you have dark spots in your smile because of old silver fillings? Then do what Brandy did and visit your Bicknell dentist for natural-looking dental restorations! Hear her talk about replacing dark fillings of the past with new same-day dental crowns and how our practice makes that process so easy! How can we fix your smile? Call Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates today at (812) 220-0636 ...

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The Delight Of Summer With Dental Implants [BLOG]

Did missing teeth or loose dentures take the fun out of your most recent summer holiday party? It’s understandable, since those delicious barbecue ribs, grilled steak and vegetables, juicy cheeseburgers, or sweet corn-on-the-cob were probably happily gobbled up by everyone else, while you ate mashed potatoes and… little else? This is an all-too-familiar scenario, and if you’re wishing ...

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Build A Better Smile This Summer With Restorative Dentistry [PHOTO]

Gapped, worn, or damaged teeth don’t just make it harder to keep your mouth healthy, but they make it hard for you to feel confident and relaxed about your smile. That’s no way to spend the summer! Get restorative dentistry in Bicknell, IN to build a better smile for yourself, just like this patient did in today’s before and after photo! Let us help you get the healthy, beautiful ...

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Are You Satisfied With Removable Dentures? [QUIZ]

Don’t let slippery, removable dentures hold you back from the health, function, and confidence you deserve. Take today’s quiz from your Bicknell dentist to find out if you’re truly satisfied with your dentures or if it’s time to secure them with dental implants. You can have strong, natural-looking replacement teeth that allow you to live the life you want thanks to this modern ...

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Save Time This Summer With A Same-Day Dental Crown [BLOG]

It’s frustrating, inconvenient, and oftentimes painful, to have a damaged or infected tooth. You might try to chew your food more carefully to avoid putting pressure on it, or you might try to manage your dental pain with over-the-counter medication. You know these aren’t long-term solutions, but you have too much going on this summer to stop everything and worry about multiple dental ...

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Do You Have A Good Dental Emergency Strategy? [QUIZ]

Having an effective dental emergency strategy could mean the difference between a healthy smile and complicated, costly dental treatments. So our team at Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates wants to make sure you know how to respond when dental emergencies happen. Answer the questions on our quiz to see if you’d follow the right steps following an oral injury or painful dental ...

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Changing Lives With Cosmetic Dentistry [VIDEO]

Your smile says so much about you, and trying to hide it because of embarrassing dental problems means you’re not allowing your true personality to shine. That’s why it’s important to us to be able to give you a beautiful, healthy-looking smile you’ll feel proud of with cosmetic dentistry in Bicknell, IN. Here’s Dr. Williams explaining the value of a great smile and how our ...

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Upgrade Your Summer Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

Who doesn’t want to look their best for special occasions? Actually, who doesn’t want to feel good about how they look everyday? Insecurity about your appearance, particularly when it comes to your smile, isn’t the sort of thing that comes and goes. It’s with you at all times. And that’s a burden you shouldn’t have to bear. If you can change what you don’t like about your ...

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