Enjoy Comfortable Treatments With High-Tech Dentistry in Bicknell

In a city as small as Bicknell, IN, you expect to find a friendly staff at your dental office. Chances are, you may already know some of us personally! You might be surprised, though, to be treated with the latest in high-tech dentistry. For example, our CEREC system allows us to design and manufacture dental restorations right in our office.

Our dental technology helps us:

  • Provide the highest quality of dental care
  • Keep your procedures as fast and comfortable as possible
  • Eliminate the need for scalpels and stitches, in some cases
  • Offer a comprehensive range of services, including oral surgery and full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants
  • Reduce the cost of your treatments

Our technology doesn’t mean impersonal treatment! Since our diagnoses and actual procedures are so quick and convenient, we can spend more time getting to know you and working with you to create personalized treatment plans. To visit a high-tech practice with plenty of heart, call (812) 220-0636.

From Lasers to CEREC, You’ll Love Our High-Tech Treatment

From repairing cavities to treating gum disease, you’ll be amazed at the difference our high-tech tools can make in your treatment. Among the treatments facilitated by our technology:

  • Cavity Repair – Using the VersaWave laser, we can repair the majority of cavities we find without the use of a drill. Chances are, you won’t even need anesthesia!
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Our deep cleaning procedure is fast and comfortable because we use a diode laser instead of scraping tools.
  • Dental Crowns – You can get a custom-made dental crown in a single day with our CEREC technology. Unlike most dental practices, there’s no need to wear a temporary crown or return for a second appointment.
  • Dental Exams – We use laser cavity detectors to find cavities in their earliest stages and intraoral cameras to see into every part of your mouth with less poking and prodding.
  • Tooth Removal – Our 3-D digital X-rays simplify many procedures, including tooth extractions and dental implant placement.

To enjoy high-tech dentistry in Bicknell, IN, call Stephen K. Williams DDS & Associates at (812) 220-0636.

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